Baradron Update Hotfix Notes - March 26th, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have some fixes and follow-ups for our latest Baradron Update. This update should make champions a lot more desirable with guaranteed chance for the champion weapons and less chance for an un-desirable Quality 6 enchant.


  • Fixed an issue where allies couldn't bind to clan cities (alt-use required for clan owners to see menu)
  • Disabling bolt added to Clan Mage Vendors
  • Champion loot has been cleaned up, they will now always drop the champion weapon and less desirable gems have been removed from the loot tables.
  • Fixed an issue with platinum dynamic node display name
  • Slightly increased the cost to use billboards 3000 in NPC Cities and 1500 in Player Cities
  • Fixed an issue with the Ruby daily dungeon
  • Slightly increased durability loss on gear
  • Increased the spawn size of most Crog spawns and reduced respawn timer

Changes throughout the week

March 25th 2020

  • Fixed some issues where the area around lawful villages was lawless (Let us know if we missed any)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking closest then being revived would make you respawn at this point when you re-log

March 23rd 2020

  • Platinum should now be searchable on the market
  • Hostile Flag will now keep rogue status when teleporting to lawful cities
  • Dynamic Platinum Spawns should now disappear and work like intended.
  • Fix for village timers disappearing from the map
  • Reduced the size of the infernal spawn in center dungeon so they don't wander into the Devil spawn
  • Fenris Alpha has been moved slightly to his intended spawn
  • Platinum drops from Snowclan Oracle, Minotaur King, Wildtribe Shaka and Sun Exarch have been doubled.
  • Fixed issue with Maintenance Grace Period, holdings will go vulnerable next Thursday April 2nd if the holding maintenance has not been paid by then

There has been a huge surge in activity and we hope everybody is enjoying the fights. We would also again like to remind everybody to stay safe and wash your hands regularly


The Big Picture Games Team