Baradron Update Hotfix Notes - April 4th, 2020 - Land Fortress


Greetings Agonians,

Today we just have a small follow up patch for yesterday's to fix some issues that were introduced and some legacy issues also.


  • Fixes for Gardoroc spawn near Ottenhal
  • Black Lord spawn added center map
  • Ladders added to Land Fortress
  • Glitching mount animations will now have the same regen as normal mount run speed (Mount stam bug fix)
  • Land Fortress Health upped to 25k from 20k
  • Fix for Land Fortress Platinum reward being 750 instead of 1000
  • Increased minimum warhulk mods from Land Fortress to 5 from 1, maximum is 15
  • Fix for Espenhal Church being off center
  • Land Fortress EU timer changed to 21:30 UTC to account for daylight savings changes last weekend
  • Fix for structures resetting to 100% health after server maintenance
  • Removed rare cottons/rawhides from task rewards and replaced with rare timber/ore
  • The curse on the rogue fence outside of sanguine has been lifted and the fence is moved back to original position

We would also like to remind everybody Myater has organized a 1v1 tournament for tonight. More information on the forum thread


The Big Picture Games Team