Akathar Update Patch Notes - February 29th


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have another small patch to fix some bugs, updates to ambient sounds and also update dungeon texture/shaders. The notes are as follows

  • Dungeon textures and shaders have being updated.
  • Ambient sound levels have been decreased and updated.
  • Added Yeast to Mouldy crate
  • Corrected Ember Goblin pokers crafting infomation to reflect 0.90 attack speed rather than the 0.95 it shows now
  • Removed rawhide and cotton from jetsam and sealed treasures, increased rare material drop rate
  • Added chat messages for items with no drop tag to note that they cannot be dropped
  • Added java code to prevent items with no drop tag from being dropped

That's all for today, we hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and a happy leap year day. Is this the first ever Darkfall patch on February 29th?


The Big Picture Games Team