Blue Steel

Akathar Update Hotfix Notes - January 10th


Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch includes some fixes for issues with yellow zones, dynamic loot overhaul and some other small changes. The notes are as follows:


  • The mines have been moved from the blue area holdings Spear Waters and Bladethorpe to Western Taloc and Tirghan
  • Siege zones and cities in lawful areas will no longer turn everybody rogue but will instead force them to a neutral stance
  • Players will now receive a notification when entering a siege area.
  • You can no longer change PvP stance in a player holding or village.
  • Crog Slime and Gorra spit drop rate has been increased
  • Markets have been added to Ottenhal and Espenhal
  • Dynamic loot spawns loot has been increased and the amount in the world has been reduced i.e Broken Chests etc.
  • Total number of dynamic selentine nodes in the world has been increased
  • Update various client system messages
  • Fix for crafting window getting stuck open while in combat
  • Unspawning i.e mounts etc. can be done without sheathing a weapon
  • Use interaction can now be done without sheathing a weapon
  • Revive skill can now be used without sheathing a weapon (Experimental)

Nithron Store

  • Limited edition January colors have been added to the Nithron Store, this months colors are Indigo Purple and Steel Blue. This will be available until the 31st of January.
  • Frozen Polearm skins and skin set has been added to the Nithron Store 
Frozen Polearms

Thank you to all and have a great weekend. More changes to come next week.


The Big Picture Games Team