Akathar Update Hotfix Notes - December 28th


Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch includes code refactors for lawful tile checking to help eliminate any remaining bugs, some yellow zone villages, many bug fixes and trade routes now require at least a neutral stance to partake. Notes as follows:


  • Refactor for how lawful tiles are checked to try eliminate any legacy issues. 
  • Rogue timers should now last longer while in combat
  • Kill assists no longer count if player is not in combat
  • Small increase to dye material harvesting drop rates
  • Lesser magic skills should no longer surge on every login.
  • More fixes for client crashes with enchanting
  • Fix for food preparation items being missing from cooking menu 
  • Fix for closest bindstone spawn having issues
  • Villages follow same zone rules as surrounding areas
  • Villages force blue players into neutral stance
  • Villages in lawful areas capped at tier 3 loot
  • Billboards port should only be available for lawless villages


The Big Picture Games Team