Infernal Armor dyed with Christmas Red and Elf Green dyes
Christmas Red and Elf Green dyes can now be found on the store for a limited time.

Akathar Update Hotfix Notes - December 23rd


Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch includes increases to dye pigments drop rate, updates to how dragon armor looks when dyed and other general changes. We are also introducing our first limited edition dyes that are available over the festive period on the Nithron Store. The notes are as follows.


  • Dye pigments' and color base ingredients' drop rates have been increased across the board
  • Mar Shral tile has been added to lawless area (More changes coming soon)
  • Changes to Color Base crafting recipes
  • It should now be possible to split pigment stacks
  • Players in a hostile stance can no longer capital recall
  • Dropped items should now behave as intended
  • Fixes to various client crashes
    • Fix for client crashing when right clicking a hotbar slot
    • Fix for client crashing when enchanting

Limited Edition Christmas Dyes

  • Christmas Red and Elf Green Dyes have been added to the Nithron Store for a limited period

We would like to thank everybody for reporting the bugs that they have found with the Akathar Update and ask that you continue to report them through our forum section or by messaging the Overseer bot on Discord. We would also like to thank everybody for the support they have shown throughout the year and we wish everybody a happy holiday period and a happy new year.


The team at Big Picture Games