Ymir (Yuh-Meer) has been around for as long as there have been mountains and iron. The first dwarf to appear on Agon. To this day he is considered the perfect image of dwarves, a standard to strive for. This is why the dwarven people are proud and mighty, not only do they work tirelessly in their mines, but each dig strengthens Ymir a little more.

Ymir is considered by many to be the savior of Agon for it was he who approached the deities Lorathai and Myrthai to defeat Ur-Khamset and banish Ragunius at the apex of their influence and power. This also makes him the arch-nemesis of their followers.

The treasures found within rocks, iron veins, and within the earth itself, are Ymir’s gifts to those willing to work hard. Ymir is a popular deity and many festivals are held in his honor. Dwarves revere him to such an extent that they consider almost all of their kind to be kin. It is rare for dwarves to come to blows and this only happens when someone veers too far from the honorable nature of dwarvenkind.

Ymir’s true love was the goddess Shivalee.On their anniversary she stole the dominion of Games from Ymir while he slept, waking to discover that she’d shorn his beard as well. Ymir was greatly shamed and could not face his people or the other deities. He disappeared for 100 years and returned when his beard had fully grown back. He hopes to regain his lost dominion from Shivalee one day.


A large dwarven man with a beard made of real gold. His green eyes shine like gems. His face can be described as jovial and handsome.


Nothing can be achieved without hard work and due diligence. Use your brain; common sense is vital for all things. Rest is as important as the work that precedes it. A world without laughter is a world without joy.

Holy Symbol: Golden tankard

Holy Colors: Blue & Brown

Holy Day: The Day of Festivals - December 6th

Holy Book: The Mithral Way

Holy Weapon: Club

Dominions: Dwarves, Mining, Ale, Golems, Ice, Garmirs, Mountains, Gold, Gems, Festivals, Laughter, Iron, Bridges, Forges, Alliances