Ur-Khamset (Er-Kam-Set) was a prominent spice trader during the ancient days of Rubaiyat. Famous for his many pet snakes and methodical nature, as well as his penchant for manipulating and abusing others. He was a feared man who dreamed of one day conquering the entire desert.

As he grew older his malice matured and through his magician guards, he established a link with a distant people known as the thains. They were vampires and taught Ur-Khamset their secrets. In exchange, his magicians taught the thains how to overcome their vulnerability to sunlight. This exchange was appreciated by all but the powerful thain lords, who preferred to hunt in the shroud of darkness. In the end, they too would bow down to Ur-Khamset.

With his newfound powers, Ur-Khamset knew he could live for eternity and spent centuries plotting out his plans for domination and expansion, all the while committing acts of depravity on those he deemed as inferior. Seeing his rise to power worried the deities Ymir, Myrthai, and Lorathai, who joined forces and slew Ur-Khamset. Little did they know just how deep the deceased man’s plans were rooted.

Moments before his demise, Ur-Khamset cast his final spell, draining the life of his subjects and leaving their skeletal remains to rot. Many years later and without warning, the Angra river dried up and a structure known as the Red Pyramid rose from the sands with Ur-Khamset presumably inside. Not even the deities themselves have ever found a way to penetrate the pyramid. According to the famous Sage Jal’Sa’Dea, deep within the pyramid lies a place known as the Hall of Hearts, which is where Ur-Khamset brings his victims.


Ur’Khamset is quite tall and despite being a skeleton, he is not gaunt. His bones hum with palpable discordant energy. His eye sockets are swirling pools of black and red. Clothes are of no importance. The blood-drenched daggers Ur-Khamset wields are slender and curved.


It is only in loss that we can see the road ahead. Every step towards greatness is born of loss. Death is a beginning. Death is mercy - it is a beautiful, ever-lasting message. To plan ahead is to see success. Bathe your enemies in their own grief, that they may know your message.

Holy Symbol: Flying snake

Holy Colors: Red & Yellow

Holy Day: The Day of Revenge - October 31st

Holy Book: Rise of the Red Pyramid

Holy Weapon: Daggers

Dominions: Revenge, Vampirism, Snakes, Planning, Wine, Drought, Sand, Grief, Pyramids, Depravity, Vampires