Abandoned at birth after an unwanted pregnancy, Shivalee (Shiv-Ah-Lee) grew up as a street urchin on the streets of Sanguine. As she reached her teenage years, with no guardians to teach her the difference between right and wrong, she developed dangerous behaviors. She became infamous as a prostitute with unmatched skill in bed but also a penchant for torturing her companions and playing cruel games with their hearts.

Unaware of her exploits, the god Auros became infatuated with her beauty and seductive ways. They copulated and Shivalee transformed into a goddess. Auros sought to claim her as his wife but Shivalee had other plans. Her newfound power aided her in manipulating Auros and ultimately crushing his heart.


A perfectly beautiful human woman with long hair of braided blonde and black. Her teeth are gleaming white and she is full-breasted and slender. She favors highly detailed dresses and walks barefoot. On her forehead rests two slightly curved horns, one of ebony and one of ivory.


Sex is a tool, wield it to create your ideal future. Present yourself the way others prefer. Befriend them and use them. Law is irrelevant, cater to your needs and especially your desires. Make your exploits known and make others feel bad about their shortcomings. If someone is sad, do and say what is required to bring them to a more depressed state.

Holy Symbol: Feminine mask with blue tears

Holy Colors: Blue & Purple

Holy Day: The Day of Lust - August 5th

Holy Book: Behind Closed Doors

Holy Weapon: Axe

Dominions: Lust, Seduction, Torture, Games, Masks, Riddles, Crime, Gloating, Boasting, Affairs, Crying, Regret