Long ago, Auros had a pet sparrow named Rizurn (Rye-Zern). Auros was drinking wine when suddenly he felt a throbbing pain in his chest. He knew he had been poisoned, likely by his enemy Melek. In a cruel twist of irony, Auros, the god of medicine, found himself paralyzed, unable to fetch an antidote. He lay motionless in his rocking chair, ready for fate to take him. Rizurn fluttered onto his lap, gazing into his eyes. Auros knew the little bird wanted to help but was powerless to do so. Auros bestowed that power upon Rizurn, giving her the knowledge required to fetch the antidote and pour it into her master’s gaping maw.

Auros, perhaps the most powerful god of that era, realized that the loyal bird had saved his life. In return, he gave many of his dominions to Rizurn, who then ascended to goddesshood. The pair created an unbreakable bond.

The now sapient Rizurn was glorified to be free and roam the skies. Eager to spread happiness, she created rainbows for all to enjoy, whistling to entertain children, and magnificent displays of the elements to dance upon the sky. She is worshipped by those who endured slavery, magicians, artists, farmers, and a plethora of other folks.


A massive flying bird similar to a hawk with feathers the colors of the rainbow. Her wings crackle with sparks of lightning and she leaves a shimmery rainbow-colored trail that lingers behind her as she flies.


Reach the highest places. Live close to the sky. Revere birds. Exercise empathy and help others when you can. Do not allow dragons to ruin the joys of life.

Holy Symbol: Lightning wreathed bird wing

Holy Colors: Orange & Yellow

Holy Day: The Day of Empathy - July 22nd

Holy Book: Codex of the Skies

Weapon: Sword

Dominions: Lightning, Thunder, Sky, Clouds, Birds, Fireflies, Storms, Rain, Wind, Forgiveness, Empathy, Whistling, Rainbows