Nilzadene (Nill-Za-Deen) was a young alfar girl of six when she began to exhibit peculiar tendencies. Each night she would sneak from her room to gaze upon the stars, making a new wish each time. A divine connection was established, allowing the child to learn the wishes made by mortals far and wide. Her mind was overwhelmed with information, nearly driving her mad. Her perseverance did not waver, and by the age of seven, each time a wish came true for anyone on Agon, Nilzadene could feel her power swell.

Stories about Nilzadene began to swirl over Nagast. She was seen as a heretic and fed poison by the high priest. On the verge of death, Nilzadene rewound the hands of time and was reborn with all her gifts in a body with no discernible gender. Aware of what was to come, they took refuge in a small cave. It was there they would resume their work undisturbed and after seven days and seven nights they became a deity, leaving the mortal realm behind.

Though fearful of their gifts, the other deities consider Nilzadene an extremely dangerous foe. They can see their dreams, hear their wishes, and bend the laws of time and death. Not even the god-king Melek has dared to trifle with them.


A bigender alfar with side shaved jet black hair which falls below their left shoulder. Nilzadene has one red eye and one blue, representing the moons Leen and Neith. Swirling energy surrounds them in the form of tiny glowing stars.


Fortune favors those who follow Nilzadene. All doors open eventually, bide your time. Once made, your promise must be kept without question. Dreams shed light on the mysteries of the world, decipher their meaning for it is an omen from your deity. Protect the moons, stars, and sun from any who dare defile or insult them.

Holy Symbol: Seven shining stars forming a circle

Holy Colors: Silver & Yellow

Holy Day: The Day of Promises - July 7th

Holy Book: Guided by Stars

Holy Weapon: Staff

Dominions: Moons, Stars, Sun, Time, Luck, Birth, Death, Dreams, Wishes, Promises