The embodiment of perfection, Myrthai (Meer-Tye) was the first and most beautiful mirdain to have ever existed. Her beauty inspires both awe and envy. It is said that to gaze up the visage of Myrthai is the greatest honor a mirdain can experience. Many deities are jealous of her and seek to despoil the many gifts of beauty she has bestowed upon Agon. While most deities feature aspects of both good and evil, Myrthai is without darkness. Once given, her word is always true. She speaks slowly, lingering on every syllable with her angelic voice.

Myrthai created a wondrous artifact which she named the Silver Circlet. Her plan was to bestow it upon the most deserving individual on Agon, granting them the power of godhood. Jealous that he was not chosen, her only son, Melechai, stole the Silver Circlet and used it for his own purposes. Though eternally disappointed in Melechai’s actions, Myrthai did not seek revenge. Her husband, Lorathai, was not so forgiving but Myrthai convinced him to allow their son to live.


A medium height mirdain with shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and mismatched eyes, one blue and the other purple. She favors flowing garments and has an affinity for sashes. Similar to her lover Lorathai, her skin is like porcelain.


Always maintain your appearance for it is the first step to finding both friendship and love. Interpersonal relationships are of high importance. Forgiveness is crucial, for without it society cannot exist. To give birth is to bring joy to the goddess. Beauty brings happiness.

Holy Symbol: White rose

Holy Colors: Green & Pink

Holy Day: The Day of Beauty - June 1st

Holy Book: Definition of Beauty

Holy Weapon: Bow

Dominions: Beauty, Grace, Elegance, Perfume, Flowers, Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Jealousy, Cats, Butterflies, Fertility, Mirdains, Mirrors, Weddings