For the first time in history a child was created by deity parents. The son of the mirdain deities Lorathai and Myrthai, a mischievous boy with a penchant for lies. He was quite different from the typical mirdain. Myrthai possessed a powerful artifact known as the Silver Circlet, said to be able to ascend a mortal to godhood. Melechai knew his parents would never allow him to have it, for he was considered unworthy even despite his sacred blood. In a daring effort, Melechai stole the Silver Circlet and fled, shedding his name and choosing a new one, Melek (Mell-Ik).

Though he was born a mirdain, he chose a new form, becoming the first alfar. With his own hands, he created the capital city of Shoal, where the first alfar mortals were born. Located in the Nagast region, also known as the land of poison and death. This unwanted place quickly became populated by the alfar who raised armies in Melek’s name.

It was not long before Melek had made many other deities his enemies, creating a great need for the alfar people to funnel power to him through his dominions, which was the beginning of a great war that spanned all of Agon. Untold legions of people were slain, forever staining Agon’s soil with the blood of the fallen. Melek obtained so much power that he became the first and only God-King, putting him in a position in which the other deities would be hard-pressed to oppose him. It is prophesied that he will one day meet his match. Whether this is truth or rumor, only time will tell.


A dark-skinned alfar with long ebon hair and piercing green eyes. He wears tight-fitting gray and purple leather armor with a purple cloak and knee-high black boots. He carries a vicious looking polearm.


There are no boundaries you cannot cross, except for the teachings of Melek. It is your duty to achieve your goals, failure brings only shame. Do not settle for mediocrity, the smallest man has the softest footsteps and can fell a giant with proper strategy. Shadows are your home, your sanctuary, the opportunity from which to strike. Everyone has a weakness, once discovered, the correct course of action will become apparent. True friends do not exist. Gain the trust of others but never return it.

Holy Symbol: A dagger ready to strike a man in the back

Holy Colors: Black & Purple

Holy Day: The Day of Shadows - November 14th

Holy Book: Decree of Shadows

Holy Weapon: Polearm

Dominions: Treachery, Poison, Espionage, Betrayal, Drakes, Coffee, Shadows, Strategy, Tactics, Mushrooms, Lies