A legendary mirdain hero reborn as a god. Sworn enemy of the undead. Lorathai (Lor-Ah-Tye) has great difficulty understanding the motives of Ur-Khamset and Heimar and has sworn to do everything in his power to vanquish them. Lorathai was involved in the fall of Ur-Khamset though he was greatly disappointed to learn that his enemy managed to escape true death. Lorathai considers the undead to be abominations and mockeries of life. There are countless stories of his campaigns against the undead and Lorathai is known to reward those that vanquish these creatures in his name.

He has placed so much importance on purging the undead from Agon that his other exploits have been overshadowed. In the early days of Mirendil there was a terrible shortage of food, many mirdain were on the verge of starvation. Lorathai appeared and erected trees one by one, converting the land into a lush and beautiful place. It was through this act of heroism he was able to win the heart of the goddess Myrthai. Many worshipers of Lorathai follow her as well and there is no jealousy between the pair.

Prior to Lorathai’s arrival, Agon was a hopeless place devoid of art and music. Lorathai changed that, inspiring both monsters and men alike to display their talents. So much joy was spread through this act that the dwarven god Ymir took notice of Lorathai, forging an alliance as mighty as mithril. Despite his powerful allies and commendable history, Lorathai has very few dominions, which puts him in a vulnerable position should some be lost, he could even lose his status as a deity and be plunged back into the realm of mortals. Whispers can be heard that his noble efforts to rid the land of undead have kept the god from gaining new dominions, which may become his undoing.


Considered the most beautiful man in the history of Agon. He has short brown hair and a perfectly chiseled face to accompany his brown eyes, which are flecked with silver. His skin is like porcelain and his elven ears are considerably taller than anyone else’s. His favorite attire includes a long silver cape with purple trim. It is believed that one arrow from Lorathai is sufficient to kill any foe.


Once your goals are set, do not rest until they are realized. Fight for the common folk, for they need protection from the evils of Agon. Playing music and creating works of art is vital to obtaining inner peace and prosperity, through these sacred practices you appease your god. All undead must be destroyed. To allow the undead to defile a forest is an atrocity.

Holy Symbol: Silver bow

Holy Colors: Green & White

Holy Day: The Day of Valor - September 20th

Holy Book: The Cleansing

Holy Weapon: Bow

Dominions: Valor, Hope, Determination, Music, Art, Forests, Honey