Kraleena (Kraw-Lee-Na) was destined for goddesshood and hatched from an egg that mysteriously appeared on Cairn, making her the first spider. Since then she has viewed Agon as her web to spin. Without the need to breed, she created thousands of spiders, experimenting with many varieties. Her existence is quite obviously the work of a deity, although who that may be is but another of Agon’s mysteries.

She is considered absolutely ruthless, possessing no understanding of empathy or selflessness. Her tactics are purely mercenary, nothing is off bounds. For these reasons, she is considered highly dangerous, though predictable. Some say she is easily manipulated but such actions have dire consequences.

Attracted by her ruthless nature, the giant god Krull-Nosk sought to take Kraleena as his mate. Not respecting the goddess’s bond with her spiderlings, Krull-Nosk ate quite a few, igniting Kraleena’s temper. Her warnings fell on deaf ears until it became clear that Krull-Nosk would never learn. The god needed to be punished, and so Kraleena lured him into her web, rendering him utterly motionless as she promptly ate his eyes. Naturally, their relationship never came to be.


A giant purple spider with feminine features. In addition to her spider eyes, she has many eyes floating around her to guard against her enemies. The bottom of her legs is daggerlike and black.


Lies are tools, use them to their fullest potential. Do not feel remorse for anything you do. Never harm a spider. Do not question the demands of the goddess. To allow your enemies to live empowers them to destroy you. Always remain vigilant. Protect your family and friends, but betray them if it suits your purposes.

Holy Symbol: Spider web

Holy Colors: Purple & White

Holy Day: The Day of Fear - April 2nd

Holy Book: Web of Lies

Holy Weapon Daggers

Dominions: Spiders, Silk, Deception, Vigilance, Silence, Rivalry, Contests, Fear, Ruthlessness, Selfishness, Gullibility, Habits