A patient mahirim woman that walked to the guilty, no matter how far, and beheaded them without remorse. She ascended to godhood after slaying one thousand criminals. During the transition, she took on her new form, a huge anthropomorphic black cat. The reason for this is often speculated, many prominent scholars and sages believe there is a link between Myrthai and Jisune (Jee-Soon). Her wish is to produce a new race of catfolk on Agon. Thus far she has only seen partial success in the creation of Queen Ember and King Rain, her daughter and son. Ember and Rain were seen on Agon’s soil various times throughout history but have since gone into hiding after the rival god Krull-Nosk sought to slay them and ruin Jisune’s plans to create more. It is unclear why Jisune has been unable to do so but it is believed that Krull-Nosk is responsible.


An anthropomorphic black cat with a tail over seven feet long which she usually keeps coiled around her body. Her eyes are glowing pink orbs which she uses to judge mortals and deities alike with unerring accuracy. It is said that her claws are like razors, capable of cutting through flesh, stone, and even steel.


Justice is vital. Follow the law but if it fails, intervene. Once you set a goal, do not stop until you’ve achieved it. Never lie under any circumstances. Give to those in need, do not be controlled by greed. Charity is divine. Do not act on impulse. Think things through and always be patient.

Holy Symbol: Bloody greataxe

Holy Colors: Orange & White

Holy Day: The Day of Justice - January 9th

Holy Book: Tome of Justice

Holy Weapon: Axe

Dominions: Justice, Endurance, Vigilantism, Patience, Selflessness, Truth, Dueling, Honesty, Tournaments