Known as “The Disgraced Prince”, Heimar (Hi-Mar) represents an eternal scar on the reputation of the otherwise proud dwarves. In the early days of the first Monarchy of Dvergheim, Heimar was caught copulating with the queen, who was also his mother. His royal blood was the only thing that prevented him from being beheaded. Instead, he was exiled, never to return. Deprived of all his sweets and wine, Heimar’s hatred for his people reached epic proportions. As the story goes, Heimar found a new home inside the sewers of a particular city, but which one has never been revealed. It is there that he would change forever.

His life became nothing more than gorging on food all hours of the day while delving deeper into the insanity-inducing dark magics. His obesity rose to the point of him being hardly recognizable as being a dwarf. He spent the rest of his mortal days plotting his revenge. It is unknown exactly how he obtained deity status but it is believed he discovered a way during one of his many arcane experiments. The first thing he did after becoming a god was the creation of the undead dwarves, who in truth rose from the corpses of otherwise honorable dwarves, desecrating their burials and creating the ultimate unliving mockery of dwarvenkind.


An obese monstrosity that vaguely resembles a dwarf. His gut spills out far ahead of his body and his arms, legs, and head, have countless folds of fat. His stink is indescribable, so foul it can incapacitate any who smells it. He moves incredibly slowly, using dark magic to draw his prey close and siphon their souls through his gaping maw full of crooked yellow teeth.


Rules are for the weak to follow. Order is the safety blanket of puppets. What cannot be obtained in this life may be obtained in the next. Embrace the dark magic of necromancy, it is your tether to your god. Spread sickness, disease, and plague at any opportunity. Destroy medicine and contaminate water sources. The consumption of medicine is sacrilege. Feast at every opportunity.

Holy Symbol: Obese rat

Holy Colors: Brown & Green

Holy Day: The Day of Feasts - February 19th

Holy Book: Scriptures of Chaos

Holy Weapon: Club

Dominions: Necromancy, Profanity, Chaos, Vermin, Plague, Sickness, Gluttony, Filth, Disease, Incest, Feasts, Trolls