The most easygoing of all deities, Glitterdawn (Glitter-Don) attracts followers of good spirits and an eye for opportunity. She loves nothing more than a grand tale, whether it be truth or fiction. Followers of Glitterdawn believe there is an opportunity in every situation, those who are brave and observant have a chance to capitalize. Glitterdawn is a good friend of Ymir, although he wishes she did not condone thievery. Most deities have mixed feelings on Glitterdawn but none are considered her enemies. She holds many treasures and is always willing to barter, though to barter with Glitterdawn is to accept the losing end of the deal.

When peace was established between the civilized races of Agon, trade flourished and thieves found new opportunities. Glitterdawn was resultantly thrilled, and many suspect her involvement. While merchants and thieves are natural enemies, they are ironically also among Glitterdawn’s most devout followers. With such valuable dominions it may not be long before Glitterdawn’s reputation among the deities changes from underestimated to dangerous.


A dwarven goddess with fiery red hair and a strong build. She emits an aura of warmth which is visible and shines a light purple aura. She is somewhat attractive and radiates an aura of lightheartedness.


Trade is the most natural route to peace and prosperity. Don’t be afraid to take what you need to get ahead - but always give back what you can. This world can be pushed forward with a trick or two - so can every deal. People are naturally drawn to the promise of gaining something - work to use that for a brighter future.

Holy Symbol: Shaking hands

Holy Colors: Purple & Silver

Holy Day: The Day of Trade - March 28th

Holy Book: The Upper Hand

Holy Weapon: Club

Dominions: Commerce, Gnomes, Hiding, Storytelling, Thievery, Trade, Roads, Marketplaces, Haggling, Toys, Reason