Queen of the oceans, Bursu (Ber-Su) is both feared and loved. On a whim, she can capsize your ship or have it wander into a deadly storm. If she favors you, perhaps instead she will bless your journey with clear waters and nudge your ship on the right course. It is said that the bonecrew pirates were not her creation but she accepted them as her children nonetheless. This is likely why all attempts to wipe out the bonecrew have failed, many believe they will pirate the seas long past the time of mortals.

Sailors toss coins into the water at the beginning and end of each voyage, hoping for blessings from Bursu. It is also standard practice to whisper your secrets, for the goddess is intrigued by such offerings. Bursu keeps no deities as allies or enemies, for she knows that once their followers sail the seas, they are at her mercy.


A mermaid with green and blue scales and the upper body of an ork. Her ample breasts are not hidden and she has particularly large nipples. Her build is slender but fairly muscular. Her skin is brown. She carries an ocean blue trident and has a serious expression with very intimidating eyes.


Always put your own needs before the needs of others. Do not give gifts, you may need them for yourself in the future. Learn the secrets of others even if you must take great risks to do so. Protect shipbuilders and fishermen.

Holy Symbol: Ship surrounded by fish

Holy Colors: Blue & Green

Holy Day: The Day of Secrets - October 11th

Holy Book: Blessings of the Deep

Holy Weapon: Polearm

Dominions: Water, Oceans, Secrets, Ships, Piracy, Rivers, Pearls, Fishing, Fish, Swamps, Sailors, Sharks, Krakens