Flaming Skull is not only the capital of Morak but carries deep meaning. Beneath Ashaka’s flesh is not blood and bone, but lava. She slit gashes into both arms at the top of a mountain, letting her lava seep into the earth, thus creating the first volcano. All residents of flaming skull worship Ashaka (Ah-Shaw-Kaw) very seriously as the strength of her followers bolsters her position among her fellow deities, with the goal of her becoming the first goddess-queen. It is an accepted fact that if Ashaka should fall, the volcano of Flaming Skull would erupt, burying life and land forever, potentially even resulting in the immediate death of all orks across Agon.

Ashaka has a fiery temper and enjoys punishing her foes before defeating them, after which their death is inevitable. She has slain several deities whose names have been lost in time, perhaps known only to the goddess and a few others. One of these fallen foes held the dominion of telekinesis, which Ashaka gladly took. The ability to control her greataxe with her mind allows her to strike rapidly with her gauntleted fists. Many people believe she is unmatched in close-quarters combat.


A beautiful yet savage-looking ork. Her greataxe floats before her, ready to strike down her enemies using her power of telekinesis. Her hands are covered by gauntlets wreathed in flame. On her left cheek is a brutal scar she sustained after a battle with Kraleena.


Most problems can be solved with violence. Exert your will and do not fear death, for death in battle is the greatest honor. Victory is not enough, maker your enemies suffer.

Holy Symbol: Flaming skull

Holy Colors: Orange & Red

Holy Day: The Day of Pain - August 27th

Holy Book: Blood of Fire

Holy Weapon: Axe

Dominions: Orks, Pigs, War, Cruelty, Fire, Pain, Volcanoes, Telekinesis, Smoke, Punishment, Animosity, Taunting