Observations of the Pall

Lore of Agon

The emergence of the Pall, also known as the Pall of Oncylus, was an event relatively recent in Agon's history. In its current state, the great pall is an area in the very heart of Agon that is perpetually shrouded in darkness. Three immense chains rise out of the lands and seem to anchor a great floating island in the skies above the Pall. Upon the island is a great city of dark and demonic architecture. While shadowy beings have been observed to flit around in between the shadowy buildings, the city itself seems empty, as if waiting for someone to move into them.

From what little has been observed, an immense demonic being originally called the Pall into being. Just under a decade ago the gigantic figure of what appeared to be a demon was seen stalking around the central areas of Agon. Before any forces could be organized to approach it, the demonic entity began a series of complicated incantations. Within days a gray shroud began to cover the entire area and choke all-natural life from the land beneath it. It is assumed that the same being summoned forth the many shadow creatures that now haunt the Pall. The vast network of fortresses and the floating citadel above them are currently attributed to the same being.

The name Oncylus, while somehow associated with the Pall, does not seem to refer to any known being on Agon, nor any being from myth or legend. The only fact that seems to correspond to this name is the phrase “Oun kee laus” from a very obscure dialect of demonic scripture. In this dialect, the phrase translates roughly to "watches from within". It is not sure if this name can be associated with the demonic figure who so mysteriously brought the Pall into being, but it is a fair assumption. It must also be noted that this "watcher" must not be confused with the Watcher who guides the hands of our brothers and bids us to compile all Agonian lore and histories.

While many have forayed into the Pall, some to explore, some to do battle, none have ever come into any sort of contact with the original demon being. He has not been seen since those first days of the Pall. Unfortunately, the races of Agon are more concerned with warring amongst themselves now to take any coordinated action against the growing number of shadow beings appearing within the Pall. It is the concern of this humble acolyte that by the time the race’s concerns turn towards this shrouded land, it will be too late.

Brother Albrecht Sordiss

That which is written has been demonstrated.