The Moons Of Agon

Lore of Agon

How could I not have seen this earlier?! The moons of Agon! I have been studying the heavens for close to 37 cycles now and I have only just discovered the incredible and earth-shattering significance of the three moons to history and, unless I am very much mistaken, the future of our world!

For years I have charted the stars and planetary bodies, noting their positions, and seeing if and how they were affected by the events of the world around us. But I now am beginning to suspect that it is, in fact, the other way around completely! At least when it comes to the moons...

The Ghost Moon, Theia, is the key! Though calling her a 'ghost' moon is, I believe, misleading. The 'ghost' nomenclature seems to, at first glance, be derived from the simple fact that Theia is barely visible during the night cycles, an almost ephemeral sphere only visible as an absence of stars in the night sky. However, that is not the only reason behind this naming. In the ancient tongue of the Ithwen elves, Theia, translates as simply, Goddess. And the very first record of this name is found in an accounting of the night sky some years after the Usurper Wars ended. An Ithwen Shamaness by the name of Ghandra Stormcaller notes:

“The skies have shifted; the eye is unbound, and the ghost of the Goddess does now watch the mortal realm only from behind the veil of the night sky.”

Until recently this passage seemed to have no meaning at all to me, simple spiritual babbling. Then three moons ago I discovered another passage in an ancient tome of a historian known only as Feandor. It is an account of the political upheavals and various skirmishes breaking out along the borders of an ancient, forgotten kingdom sometime just before the Usurper Wars. He describes a river assault in which the captain of a barge gets lost and must navigate their way using the celestial maps in the night sky. One passage stands out:

“The Eye, almost baleful in her contemplation, offers little comfort as our captain studies the skies above. Her blood-tinged glow soaks the river-soaked wood of the boat in an eerie luminescence that only serves to remind each of us that the Goddess judges all.”

Both these passages mention an 'eye' connected to the Goddess and the sky. Prompted by a burgeoning suspicion, I have poured over hundreds of old accounts and documents with this concept of an 'eye' in my mind. And it's true! I cannot believe I had not seen it earlier but Agon did not always have three moons! Before the Usurper wars, there was just one moon! One celestial body that seemed, by all accounts, to resemble a huge eye with a red iris!

After the demise of the Goddess this 'eye' seems to have somehow broken apart, or perhaps more correctly, in the words of the Shamaness Ghandra, become “unbound.” Theia is the key here; I am sure of it! And it is through human culture that the answer came to me. Our own brother Vandelay who, before joining our humble order, was a member of the Circle of Neith, has been kind enough to give me an in-depth look at the human worship of the moons.

As I said, Theia is the key! The humans do not worship her as a Ghost moon, but rather as the Binding Moon. To the humans, Theia traditionally represents several aspects including the warlike conqueror, the huntress, the bringer of nature's plenty, and indeed the wisdom of the elder. However, the other two moons, Neith and Leen, each also represent various of those aspects. It is here where I required clarification. Neith and Leen are not seen as separate to Theia, but simply as different facets of her. They are seen to be of her and to be bound by her. Different sides of the same face showing different aspects of her personality.

When the Goddess was here, with her eye on Agon, the moons were as one. The “eye” of the Goddess. In her absence or death, the eye is 'unbound' with two moons moving around the “ghost” moon and all three around Agon itself. However, through my charting of their movements, I have been able to deduce that they are moving closer and closer together with the culmination of their orbits at a time not far from the present!

I can only speculate as to what could happen at such a time. But it is my belief that before long the Eye of the Goddess shall once again turn its gaze down onto Agon!

All of this has happened before, and will most likely, in all probability, perhaps happen again.

Cassandra du'Laf