The Demon of the Pall

Lore of Agon

Recently the darkness of the Pall has grown exponentially darker. The booming footfalls of a being known only as “The Demon” have recently begun to echo across the dark citadels floating above the area.

Through various observational techniques at my disposal, I have been studying this being, albeit from a distance. I have some extensive knowledge of demon lore thus this entity is of great interest to me.

Judging by the lack of any significant markings or ritual scarring on his torso I must surmise that it is either not very high up in the demonological hierarchy, or that indeed, it is working to some purpose outside of any hierarchy.

And work it is, indeed, I have observed it carving and painting (generally using the blood of curious and often fatally unlucky adventurers) various fairly complex ritualistic diagrams upon the floors of the floating citadel. While I cannot, to any great degree, be certain I have noticed a similarity with the various markings and runes generally associated with summoning nexuses and teleportation chambers.

If my guess is correct, then this could foreshadow something quite sinister indeed. This demon alone is immensely powerful. If indeed he has been sent as a sort of reconnaissance or landing party, then whoever he is readying the area for after him must be exponentially more dangerous! It only follows that an entity that requires special arrangements to prepare their arrival must be horrendously powerful!

Already an increase in the dark denizens of the Pall can be seen. And many of them seem to come and go through a small portal that I have noticed appear on the central floating island. I can only surmise that some hidden lair is already serving as a base for these demonic legions.

On another note, I have also watched this Demon of the Pall growing and altering in his powers and tactics as he battles those who seek to challenge him. I have observed that after a certain amount of victories he gains new powers and abilities. Already I have already witnessed him reforming from the ashes of his own corpse.

I fear that in the coming of this Demon we are witnessing the portent of something truly dark coming upon the peoples of Agon soon...

Arturo Vandelay

We are the architects of our own serenity now.