Acolytes of the Watcher

Lore of Agon

The Halls of the Goddess stands empty, the howling of the celestial winds echoing like distant shadows of a memory long forgotten. Out of the mists of ages, past rises the Watcher, peering down upon the land, shoulders braced against the weight of a great decision to be made.

As the Watcher observes, Agon tosses in her sleep, kingdoms rising and falling in her dreams. We are her chroniclers, charged by the Watcher in collecting her stories and her lore.

We, the Watcher's acolytes and chosen few, perform our task of observance and collection in unbiased neutrality. The day will come when the Watcher will make the Decision. Thus we have been tasked with the chronicling of each and every detail of this land’s history; both what lies in the past and that which unfolds with Agon's every heartbeat, that the Watcher may make the final verdict informed and righteous.

Our ranks consist of historians, ascetics, and other information gatherers. At our disposal are vast collections of ancient texts, intricate information networks, and truth-seekers of every kind. Our only purpose is to facilitate our master’s final Decision by offering a complete accounting of all of Agon's histories. However knowledge is for all, and thus we shall fill these pages with all our findings that those thirsty for the stories of the land may learn all things Agonian; what was, what is, and perhaps a glimpse of what is to be.

Behrem, Acolyte of the Watcher

Our words are quoted for truth…