An Accounting of the Usurper Wars

Lore of Agon

It is no small feat to accurately chronicle events that may have occurred during the adolescent centuries of Agon. However, I believe I can correlate and bring together the various legends and lore found in ancient texts, scripts, and even the odd cave wall or two to bring together as accurate a depiction of the Usurper Wars as possible without actually interviewing an entity who has first-hand experience.

All legends agree that in the very beginning, the being known only as the Goddess looked upon the cold, lifeless rock that was Agon and breathed life upon it. Ancient lore seems to mention artifacts known as Word Stones that the Goddess apparently used to shape the world and life upon it. However, no such artifact has ever been confirmed to have been seen. Word Stones may simply be a metaphor or allegory for the manifestations of the Goddess’s creationary powers.

Through the machinations of the Goddess Agon began to stir. Rivers and lakes began to form, forests and grasslands, the seas began to team with life. With each breath, the Goddess gave life to lesser god-like spirits to watch over each aspect of the world. Each river, each forest, and lake, each desert oasis had its own guardian spirit god or goddess.

The Goddess also granted the spark of intelligence to some of the mortal beings who began to walk the lands, and some of these she gave the power to watch and guard over their kin. During these early centuries, there was harmony among all the beings of Agon. The spirits of nature and the mortal races all looked in child-like wonder to their mother\'s benevolent wisdom and gave her worship. As time passed slowly by, the mortal races began to develop civilization, art, and literature. All these things they used to pay tribute to the Goddess, and she was humbled by the bliss of the world.

But soon the mortal races grew restless, nations grew and vied for dominion, turning away from the Goddess and her peaceful wisdom. The spirits and godlings of nature withdrew into the realm of nature and harmony between man and the land was no more. Saddened, the Goddess could only watch, for while disappointed, she still loved all her children and did not want to take away their Independence.

It is during these years of disharmony and chaos that it is said a select group of powerful mortals managed to break into the Halls of the Goddess and apparently slay her plunging the world in years of bedlam and darkness. Once again, the artifacts known as Word Stones come into mention here, for apparently these usurping gods used the Goddess’s own Word Stones to enter her realm and attack her. However once again this may merely be an allegory to some ritual or magic that was used.

With the Goddess gone, this new group of godlings shared her powers and divided Agon into separate parts for each to control and reign over. While not all these beings are known today, some carved their names into history during the following centuries. For example, the continent of Rubaiyat was the dominion of the being known as Ur-Khamset, the Red Pharaoh. Other stories tell of Ur-Khamset obtaining godly power through other exploits, leaving the world to guess at the truth.

The centuries to come were dark and chaotic, gods striding upon the land doing war with each other, mortal nations dying by the thousands in bloody battle. The world of Agon was torn asunder, mortals and gods dying together. New gods rose from the ashes of the dying and sought their own place amongst the ranks. It soon became evident that the continuing struggle for dominion would only lead to the eventual destruction of life on Agon.

The gods, new and old alike, came to a truce. They agreed to withdraw into their realms and allow life to regain some semblance of normality in Agon. After centuries of battle and warfare, these young Usurper gods were all severely weakened and diminished. None existed with the power to reside in the Halls of the Goddess, and thus now they stand empty and silent, waiting...

Behrem, Acolyte of the Watcher

Our words are quoted for the truth...