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Recent Changes and Upcoming Content

Greetings Agonians,

This month's newsletter provides an overview of the patch deployed this week by the development team, along with a recap of some other changes that have been released over the last few patches. The team is also hard at work on the upcoming content systems currently in development which include the Relic System, Resource Control Points, Clan Platinum and Dynamic Housing.

Now onto all of the exciting details!

This Week's Patch

  • Billboards and Markets now in all player cities
  • Toy Collectibles added that drop off certain monsters
  • 20 new Title Tasks released
  • Elemental Arrows introduced
  • New Item Skins and UI
  • New Containers added to Nithron Coin Shop
  • Balancing changes and bug fixes
Full Patch Notes

Wes Furitive's Patch Overview

Rise of Agon: Patch Overview - Gear Skins, Nithron Chests, New Titles and More!

Recent Changes and Additions

  • New Alignment System released
  • Portal Chambers enabled in player cities
  • System Messages enabled
  • Warzones added around player cities
  • Combat balancing in preparation for Relic System
Full Patch Notes

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Content

There are four major content systems that are being worked on right now by the design, development and quality assurance teams. Here is a quick overview of each one:

Relic System

New items called Relics will drop from monsters around the world which players can attune to their characters. They will provide unlimited ways for you to specialize your character to the playstyle you prefer, creating a lot of diversity between players and adding in exciting things to find on monster graves.

Resource Control Points

Mine facility structures will be placed in certain locations around Agon that clans and players can fight over. These facilities will generate new rare materials and resources that must be transported into cities in order to be opened.

Clan Platinum

Any activity a clan member performs around a player city they own, whether that be killing a monster or harvesting from a resource node, will generate a new currency called Clan Platinum. This currency will be used for a variety of clan services including buying siege equipment, reducing crafting costs, or extenuating clan buffs as examples.

Dynamic Housing

We are revamping the housing system that is in-game to allow players the ability to place their houses where they desire around the world of Agon. This is a key step towards other Territory Control Systems that we plan to implement that will utilize the free placement mechanics.

Read our news update on these systems to find more details and the links to the relevant design threads. We encourage all of you to join us in the discussion, not only within these threads but also in our Discord Focus Group where you can speak directly to the developers!

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks, including the release of a free trial system, new donation packages that provide exclusive in-game items and recognition, and most importantly the release of all the new content on the horizon.

From all of us on the team, thank you for reading and for your continued support!

- The Team at Big Picture Games


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